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Pre-Drywall Subscriptions


The term "Pre-Drywall Inspection" refers to an evaluation of a property that is under construction in the "framing" phase, without drywall nor insulation having been installed. As a result of the rapidly changing construction industry, we have found we are increasingly receiving communications from new property buyers, as well as owners who are finding issues within their completed properties that very well may have been identified for repair during this type of inspection prior to the installation of drywall and insulation. 


This evaluation is multi-faceted and looks at numerous aspects such as the framing condition and installation methods, rough-in electrical condition and installation methods, rough-in mechanical (HVAC) condition and installation methods, rough-in plumbing condition and installation methods, as well as overall structural condition and construction practices. This evaluation is extremely thorough and averages taking two-to-three hours on a 2000 square foot residential property.


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